Worse then the flu

I guess I can’t complain too much… last week I just got my very first computer virus; it was called the rootkit virus. Boy, this sucker was hard to get rid of. I tried a few free programs offered on line and this thing was like the Blob back in the 60’s, it just got bigger and bigger. Then I thought I would outsmart it and actually paid for the deluxe version of Norton. This made the virus more irate and then it became Jaw’s; attacking any moving thing that came in its way, even eating Norton. Norton was stopped by this evil thing. Now what’s a girl to do…aha…I called Ghostbusters!! I had to call in the pro’s to finally get rid of this “thing” that was ruining my life, this “thing” that kept me last Friday from doing my Daily Dalia…how dare it do that! So, after about 10 hours on the phone (in a 36 hour period) my virus was finally banished from my computer kingdom. I can now finally operate my system smoothly; if the evil ever chooses to come back I will then resort to the Exorcist (it can’t be worse than Linda Blair was).

I don’t understand why so called “people” start these damn things…if only they could put their evil minds to good use. Just think of the possibilities!


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