Styx’s version

You were the apple of the public’s eye as you cut the ribbon at the local mall.

A mirage for both you and us, how can this be real.

We love your body in that photograph, your home state sure must be proud

The queen of the United States, OR HAVE YOU LOST YOUR CROWN!


Well aren’t you Miss America (Nope, your answer was just wrong)

Don’t you Miss America (wish you believed in equality)

Won’t you Miss America (open your mind and give everyone the same rights)


3 Responses

  1. As foolish as her answer was,,,I think that Perez could have come up with a better response and not call her a stupid bitch…He could have taken the high road and simply called her an ignorant contestant. This would have accomplished more for his high profile moment.

  2. Miss. California didn’t even answer the question right! PerezHilton asked if the other states should follow suit, not what her opinion on gay marriage was…and if she’s allow to state her opinion on gay marriage then he’s allow to say that she is a stupid bitch. Yes, he could have handled the situation better, but that is his repuation, he likes to shake things up and tell it like it is. I am not surprised at all by his response.

  3. Saw her on CNN sounding just slightly less like a blithering idiot.
    Still wrong on the issue.
    Saying she shares the same opinion as Obama.
    She’s smart enough to notice nobody calling him a stupid bitch.

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