Strike a Pose

Have you ever seen something and said “wow, that looks like fun, I want to do that”! When I saw these cool photo’s of Faith Hill in this months Redbook  that is exactly what I said. First I love the 60’s and 70’s style but to have a professional transform you into an icon for a photo would be a great gig for someone. And yes, we all know I would pick Cher but there would be a whole other list I would want to…I love the old fashion glamour of Hollywood.

Now to look at someone skydiving…I’ll pass on that. Let me look like Marilyn Monroe for a photo…now that’s business. I will have to look in the yellow pages. Who would you choose for your photo?

TWIGGY photo | Faith Hill

BRIGITTE BARDOT photo | Faith Hill

GRACE KELLY photo | Faith Hill


2 Responses

  1. Sophie Loren…I can see the poster,,,but I can’t remember the name of the movie

  2. Oh man far and away Faith Hill as Grace Kelly was beyond stunning!

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