Is San Diego your destination?

 Would this make you want to visit San Diego…”Happy Happens”.  The SD Convention & Visitors Bureau is unveiling an $8.7 million advertising campaign with this new slogan to “woo” travelers. I always vision a group of people sitting around a table with their degrees in Marketing and think “this is the best they could come up with…Happy Happens”?

If I were sitting around that table I would have looked at it from another angle…an angle that says San Diego is a compassionate city and we feel the pain that everyone is going through in these hard times. I just don’t think people are happy at the moment. I live here and happy isn’t happening for me. How about-

We really do care

The light at the end of the tunnel

Next best thing after home

San Diego is where the heart is


Well I don’t have a degree in marketing but something along those lines. Or my second idea to lure visitors is to have a reality check.  I mean c’mon…$300+ a night for a hotel room is ridiculous. Check in time now is like 4:00 and they want you out by 11:00…what warrants that pricing. Seriously, don’t most people spend the day sightseeing and just sleep in the room. Restaurants are also getting out of control. How about these-


Realism hits our city

Pricing of the 70’s

We finally woke up

It was all a dream


I may be seeing the glass as half empty in this case but I just don’t see “Happy Happens” happening. What do you think? Are you coming to San Diego this year?


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  1. I live in northern coastal OC and these ads have been so absolutely offensively annoying that I don’t have any intentions to go any farther south than the 5/405 interchange until this nonsense stops. gah. for something like this to hit the airwaves, someone had to say, “yeah, that’s good, let’s develop this” then bring to their manager, who also felt that way. And then it went to the half a dozen or so people who actually recorded it and they all agreed it was good enough to present to an entire tourism board and that board said, “we like this. Let’s broadcast to millions of people every 20-30 minutes.” Every single one of those people in that chain ought to be named and subject to public humiliation. I seriously get a tingle in spine and tense up every time that damn promo comes on and can’t stop muttering about how bad and inane it is. It makes me want to do bad things.

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