Just as I think spending big bucks on a wedding is ludicrous I have the same train of thought for a funeral.  Because of the economy more people are opting for cremation which happens to be my number one choice, recession or no recession. They say the average cremation costs between $700 and $1200 while a funeral can exceed $10,000. C’mon people, do you really think your loved one wants you to spend that kind of money. I know they have very fancy coffins…how can someone not think that is a total waste of money. I bet they even make Louis Vuitton pillows claiming they will rest in peace more comfortably. Get the basics and donate the rest to a good cause.

I found this interesting…35% now choose cremation nationwide and 63% opt for it in San Diego. My guess would be that San Diego is such a pretty area that people want the ocean for their final resting place. Even though I live in SD I want my ashes in Boonton NJ…that is where my heart is. I also know I don’t want anyone wasting money on anything…well if anything I would like a cool DJ at my lifeparty playing all my favorite songs.

Now this is just wrong…I read that some people prepay for their funeral so the family will have no worries…that is fine. BUT, some families actually ask if they can downgrade so they can have some money back. Are you kidding me…that’s just sick and actually against the law.

Everyone has different views on death…Annie Lennox says in a song “Dying is easy it’s living that scares me to death”. I share her thought.


5 Responses

  1. “They say the average cremation costs between $700 and $1,200 while a funeral can exceed $10,000.”

    What does that mean? You are pitting an “average” against a “can exceed!” A funeral could exceed $1,000,000 if you wanted to spend the money. (so could a cremation for that matter)

    And what does “average between $700 and $1,200” mean? An average is a single number – not a range. Like the average of 1,2,3 and 4 is 2.5 (not between 2 and 3)

    You cut and pasted this from an article that was either bias or uninformed. Sorry, but the misuse of statistics is a pet peeve of mine and it seems to be getting worse in the media! It makes me doubt the 63% figure too.

  2. Maybe this particular article I read didn’t have the EXACT numbers but I went with it because I admit…I am partial to the choice of cremation and not wasting money on elaborate ceremonies. But I can do that because it’s my blog.

  3. Don’t play around with numbers to an accountant!

  4. And don’t forget, “Figures never lie and liars never figure”…..Sr. Georgita-OLMC

  5. You tell them Gina!

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