Any reason to write about Cher


This story isn’t really that interesting to me but the main character is! Once upon a time CHER began to speak and 7 years later the courts are mimicking her words. Back in the year 2002 as she waved her lifetime achievement trophy at the Fox Billboard Music Awards Show she said “People have been telling me I’m on the way out every year, right” So fuck em”. This was the start of the new ruling set this past Tuesday by the Supreme Court that upholds a prohibition of expletive outbursts on broadcast. C’mon, It’s Cher…what do you expect. There are some people you know that as soon as they talk you can be assured that something controversial is going to come out…Cher being one of them.

This Supreme Court ruling was the first one since 1978 where the court upheld a fine against a radio station that had George Carlin’s “Filthy Words” monologue. Here is a 47 second clip on good ole George and his take on the fact that we have more ways to describe dirty words then actually dirty words…watch his talent-


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