Last night was Leno’s last evening hosting the Tonight Show which led to me my next poll.


Going Once…going twice

Monroe Presley Auction

If you are a Marilyn Monroe fan, have money to spare and would like to own some history then mark your calander for June 26th and 27th. Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas will be auctioning off some of her memorabilia that has never been offered before (along with some of Elvis’s things but I’m not an Elvis fan). I personally think it would be very cool to own something that Marilyn once had but my wallet wont allow that. I think if I could choose the one item I would want most it would be the white dress that she wore while standing over the manhole. That has to be the most classic item out there.

I have said it once and I will say it again…Marilyn Monroe was not only one of the most famous sex symbols but she was the symbol of “Hollywood”! Her death was a big mystery and I still insist there is more to the story then we know.

Any Marilyn fans out there? What one item would you want to own?

Monroe Presley Auction

Monroe Presley Auction

You take the good you take the bad…

When I was a kid I loved “The Facts of Life”. Its one show I really wish they would bring back to Nick at Night or TV Land. Rumor has it that Tootie (Kim Fields) turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. Yes, even Tootie, the girl on the roller skate ages. Here is  a look at everyone then and now. (I know, the Daily Dalia never ceases to amaze you with such interesting stuff)!!!




I always wanted to be a part of their group…I would say I had something in common with each one. I think Natalie was my favorite because of her humor. Cmon…admit it…you liked the show too. You can leave an anonymous comment if you want 🙂

Step by Step

Anyone who reads the DD consistently is probably expecting me to rant and rave about the whole prop 8 outcome.  Instead I am going to say a few words that the average person hates to hear. A few words that teenagers dread hearing from their parents…a few words that mean more then yelling obscenities. These words are simply this…I am so disappointed in you (you being California). And that is all I will say.

There was a baby step taken though…Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce that U.S gay diplomats will receive equal benefits. “At bottom, the department will provide these benefits for both opposite-sex and same-sex domestic partners because it is the right thing to do,” Clinton says. Exactly…the right thing to do!!  The benefits that gay diplomats will finally be granted are: the right of domestic partners to hold diplomatic passports, government-paid travel for their partners and families to and from foreign posts, and the use of U.S. medical facilities abroad. In addition, gay diplomats’ families will now be eligible for U.S. government emergency evacuations and training courses at the Foreign Service Institute.

Patience…I need more patience.

My path is covered with dirt

June is right around the corner which means graduation time for many students. Yesterday I had a conversation with a boy graduating from High School and he has his path planned out as clear as the San Diego sky 90% of the time. He wants to teach sign language in high school after getting his masters degree. When he was an infant his parents were told by Canadian doctors that he was deaf. A few years later they were in the states and found out their son was not deaf but something was wrong with his tonsils and he only had to have them removed for him to hear. Because of this whole mishap his life’s mission was so fortunately brought to him. Life is so odd.

Listening to him talk and hearing his passion and knowing for his future I found myself so envious. I have never known and still don’t know what I should do with my life. I find it to be one of life’s most frustrating things to deal with. What percentage of high school or college graduates knows what they want to do? I would have to think knowing is one of life’s greatest gifts. Being able to do your passion is the ultimate goal.

You hear people talk about how they knew from an early age what they wanted to do…what gene did I get cheated on? And yes, sometimes their dreams do change. One of my boys wanted to be a pizza delivery man and the other a game show host…neither have those professions.

I would love to know if you knew your path at an early age? Good luck graduates! My advice is go with your heart and not the dollar.

More Random Thoughts-

Can I finally stop hearing about Adam losing on American Idol. We all know he will still make millions of dollars. I don’t feel sorry for him.

I really detest when a dressing room in a store has no mirror. Don’t make a person walk out into your store possibly looking totally ridiculous.

“Student of the month” bumper stickers have to end. Everyone knows that even stupid kids get them.

In a job interview I was actually told in HR that one of my duties would be to turn on the CFO’s lights. Wow, talk about a control freak.

Please don’t ever hand me an eating utensil with your hand on the part that goes in my mouth.

I went to a “spiritual” type store and they had a sign “you break it, you buy it”. Not very forgiving are they?

Everyone who has a McCain/Palin sticker…its over…move on. There will not be a re-count.

Why do they dilate your eyes and then immediately have you look for new frames? Do they have 2 way mirrors and this is their entertainment on lunch breaks.

I just saw this in a restaurant – Breakfast served Monday thru Friday 7a.m, Saturday & Sunday 7a.m I hope La Salsa didn’t pay per letter.

If you want to engage in conversation while watching a movie you can now actually rent them at stores such as Blockbuster and watch them in your living room instead of going to a theater.

C’mon…you know you have one to share.

Can we all play nice

File:Wigan pit brow lass.jpg

Yes, again discrimination is going on in the good old US…shocker. First off a little boy (in Utah) had to change his clothes at school because he was wearing a kilt. He was told his “outfit’ could be misconstrued as cross-dressing. Later on the principal did have to apologize to him because the district recognized the kilt as an expression of the boy’s Scottish heritage. That answer is not good enough for me. A boy should be able to wear any skirt he wants to school or work if he chooses as long as it is decent and has no vulgarities on it. Who is this person that years ago stated boys wear pants and girls wear skirts. And to put a label of “crossdressing” on it is just ridiculous.

Second, the restaurant Trophy’s just fired a server because she refuses to wear makeup…and this is legal. A few years ago the 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is not discrimination for employers to make women wear makeup. Someone please pinch me…I must be sleeping. This woman worked for 5 years at this place…new owners came in and wanted to spruce it up…she refused Maybelline and was then fired.

Seriously, what’s going on? A boy wants to wear a skirt and a woman does not want to wear makeup…big deal. I feel like we are all living Benjamin Button’s life and we are going in reverse. Stop the madness! Anyone who lives near a Trophy’s …boycott!