Fairness Friday’s

This past weekend I was shopping at Henry’s and while at the checkout I heard the cashier tell her customers “don’t forget Military Monday”.  Of course that means the military get a discount on Mondays. So when it was my turn to check out I asked the cashier if they had “people for peace Tuesdays”; she just smirked. I’m sorry but why does the military get so many discounts at retail stores, I do not think they should be singled out as deserving a break. There are many people in the United States trying to make it a better country, do they get a discount? How about the all the people fighting for equality such as getting rid of Prop 8? And what about all the people trying to figure out how to make this country more “green” and are saving the environment? There are millions of people fighting for Cancer; look especially at all the pink ribbons. Do they get any discount’s at Henrys…I don’t think so.

7 Responses

  1. I’m all for equal everything I believe that if one person gets it we all should, but I look at it this way – If Henry’s wants to give discounts to our Military – Good For Them. Our military more then the scientists and legislative guru’s need all the discounts and price breaks we can give them. A Scientist fighting for cancer or a lobbyist fighting for the environment makes enough money to support their families. An average Military person (man or woman) can’t go to the grocery store and buy groceries for their family a a regular store becasue they don’t make enough. They don’t get the benefits they need to keep them healthy. We as a society have let this happen to the very people that keep us safe and have been doing so everysince this great country was founded. So if they want to give Military discounts – more power to them. It’s their way of saying thank you and let us help you out a little.

  2. The difference between fighting for the environment and fighting for our country (by being a member of the armed forces) is that there is an immediate threat on the person’s life when serving in the military.

    I am all for peace and saving the environment and equality for all, but defending the land where all of this takes place, takes courage, commitment and the willingness to lay down your life for those interested in defeating Prop. 8.

    Give the military their discount. Salute them as they walk by, applaud returning soldiers at the airport and pray for our troops when they are away.

    My son is being deployed in June. What if he doesn’t come back? If he does, he damn well deserves a discount!

  3. There are a lot of things I don’t approve of when it comes to the military. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Military Industrial Complex, the trivialization of war and combat by military recruiters, for example, but this to me is a problem with the military as an organization, not the individuals serving in it.

    Not all soldiers are saints but they do give up a lot with little reward. They don’t make a lot of money considering the danger of their job, they leave their families for extended periods of time, and besides the discount they really don’t getn much, if any appreciation for protecting us.

    And yes they did voluntarily sign up to join but MANY do so because they have little opportunity to do anything else.

    Also, from a money perspective, giving a military discount will encourage military members to shop their, earning the store more money, plus other people will shop their simply because they like how the company supports their troops.

    In sum, a 10% really is not that big of a deal.

  4. I could not agree more with anyone that honors our men and women in uniform. Every active and/or veteren that I see I shake their hand and thank them for their service. I saw a flag once that said “Land of the free because of the brave” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I also love “If you can read this thank a teacher and because it’s in English thank a solider”. Amen!

  5. Yes Justin, they did enlist voluntarily. I would definitely be more in favor of a discount if they were drafted.
    And don’t they get free room and board? I also heard they get college either free or greatly reduced…those are great perks.
    I remember Katie Couric did a show this year that investigated a growing crisis in the U.S. military: the staggering numbers of military wives who have been beaten, raped or even killed since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began. I would be all for taking this Military Monday discount money and putting it towards some anger management classes or counseling for the victims.

  6. I’m sure that the counseling industry would go along with that idea!

  7. It’s Henry’s money.It doesn’t come out of your pocket.Like so many other handouts.
    Seniors get discounts,students get discounts,whoever it’s their way of drumming up business.
    Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer in ways most would never be willing to.Work harder than most ever could .I have people that have done 3 tours and gotten glimpses of their daily life…let’s just say it ain’t Daily Dalia.
    Their lives are in peril,they make laughable pay,their “room and board” are in barracks.Real showers were a luxury.
    I’m also amazed that the soldiers I’ve met have been some of the most apolitical people I’ve met.

    “I would be all for taking this Military Monday discount money and putting it towards some anger management classes or counseling for the victims.”

    The broad & obtuse brush you’re painting all military with here mortifies me.

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