Hire me

Talk about the perfect job for me…these people are Facebook cops (I would look so cool in this photo). I have always been a fan of seeking justice. When I was a kid I lived on episodes of Barnaby Jones, Rockford Files, Charlie’s Angels and any other detective show where the bad guy gets it at the end. At my last job a small part of it was being on the “fraud squad”. I would go on ebay and report people trying to sell our product illegally…I would get so much satisfaction when I would see their auction was removed. It was so minor but the good won out.

Being on the Facebook team would be even more rewarding; getting rid of all the scum out there and keeping it clean for society! Facebook describes these staffers as an internal police force, charged with regulating users’ decorum, hunting spammers and working with actual law-enforcement agencies to help solve crimes. Now that would be cool.

I don’t know if that says something about me but it really does get my goat when people do things they know damn well they are not supposed to do. I would also enjoy being one of those photographers that snap a photo of you while lifting your heavy groceries out of your trunk while you are collecting fraudulently from your insurance company for a bogus claim.

So if there are any FB employers out there that are looking for someone to join the team and be fully devoted…look no further. The Daily Dalia is here to serve. To read full article…


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