Britain Boobed

Marks & Spencer have apologised for charging chesty women more for bras.

Who said the DD doesn’t bring you the top news! Well speaking of DD the big news is now a company in Britain, Marks and Spencer, has stopped charging a $3 surcharge for a DD Bra. About 14,000 women spoke up in Facebook campaign aimed at eliminating the penalty. Now I would assume a AA bra was not being charged less than a C cup bra so it all evens out. You pay the same for a size 0 jean as you would a size 14 which I would assume you would use a lot more denim so why would this company think they could charge an extra $3 for women with bigger breasts?

So does size matter? I know airlines are considering charging more for the overweight person. This is a hard one. First, who is to say what is overweight. We all know the airlines should make their seats bigger, they are ridiculously small and the seat in front of you is way too close. I had a woman sitting behind me once with very long legs ask the attendant to tell me to put my seat up. The attendant said that I had the right to recline my seat…they then moved the very cranky woman. I do know that my seat is my seat and I have rights too; it’s not fair if an obese person comes onto my seat.  But then I would much rather sit next to an obese person then someone with mind blowing body odor (which does happen).

So the DD is happy for all the DD cup women who fought for their rights and won!  As for the woman with the long legs, she fought and lost (but I won).

Moral of my story –Big breasts beat out long legs.


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  1. Perhaps it shouldn’t be looked as a penalty but a surcharge. In my industry there are standard sizes that I can purchase raw materials in. What if the mfg’s existing machinery and materials can only handle certain sizes of production? If they go beyond their normal capacity it may be a burden to them although they are trying to fill a need, it costs more to produce that item. Hmmmm…

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