Finally a Filly

There are two words that I am not a huge fan of and have unfortunately had to deal with in a few of my jobs – “boys club”. But I am a fan of anyone or anything that tries to disrupt that club and Rachel Alexandra did it! If you haven’t heard yet Rachel Alexandra is the filly that won the Preakness Stakes…it has been 85 long years since a “girl” won. Her previous owner did not want to enter her thinking it was unseemly to race a filly against a field of colts. Well last week her new owner entered her even though rival owners tried blocking her entry…is this a movie or what!

I love a story when the underdog wins (I’m not talking about her odds).  Her rider says that gender doesn’t matter, she just wants’ to run. Maybe that philosophy should be sewn on a pillow. How long will it take this world to realize that women and men can do things equally.

Now on the other hand as happy as I am to see a filly win I’m just not sure about the whole horse racing industry? But as much as the fillies and colts should have the same opportunities to run I guess they should have the same opportunities to be possibly part of animal cruelty. You have to take the good with the bad.


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