They say it’s your Birthday

Its May 20th today…is there mail delivery, are they picking up my garbage, are the schools closed? Today is Cher’s birthday (is it not a national holiday yet)…Happy 63rd Birthday Cher! I first saw you in 1975 and last saw you just a couple of months ago…you still got it!

Cher and I actually have a little bond that she may or may not remember. Back in 1975 I went to see her at a small venue in NJ. I was just a child sitting in the 3rd row with my cheap instamatic camera. During a song I stood up to take my idol’s photo and my flash jammed and I was having major camera problems. Cher noticed how my camera would not shoot and she actually waited for my flash to go off before she continued to saunter across the stage. CHER WAITED FOR ME!

My story continues…as the years went on I shared this miraculous (yes, in my mind it is miraculous) story with my children and anyone else who would listen. Then, years later after telling my tale, my mom (who attended this Cher concert with me) had mentioned how Cher waited for me to take her photo. My kids reply was “you mean that actually happened”. WHAT…for all these years they thought I fabricated this tale or maybe I just imagined or hoped that it had happened in my mind. NO…it really did happen; CHER WAITED FOR ME and I had a witness.

So Cher…if you come upon this birthday wish just know I genuinely do hope you have a great day and year. You may remember that little girl in New Jersey fidgeting with her camera…that was me!


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