More Random Thoughts-

Can I finally stop hearing about Adam losing on American Idol. We all know he will still make millions of dollars. I don’t feel sorry for him.

I really detest when a dressing room in a store has no mirror. Don’t make a person walk out into your store possibly looking totally ridiculous.

“Student of the month” bumper stickers have to end. Everyone knows that even stupid kids get them.

In a job interview I was actually told in HR that one of my duties would be to turn on the CFO’s lights. Wow, talk about a control freak.

Please don’t ever hand me an eating utensil with your hand on the part that goes in my mouth.

I went to a “spiritual” type store and they had a sign “you break it, you buy it”. Not very forgiving are they?

Everyone who has a McCain/Palin sticker…its over…move on. There will not be a re-count.

Why do they dilate your eyes and then immediately have you look for new frames? Do they have 2 way mirrors and this is their entertainment on lunch breaks.

I just saw this in a restaurant – Breakfast served Monday thru Friday 7a.m, Saturday & Sunday 7a.m I hope La Salsa didn’t pay per letter.

If you want to engage in conversation while watching a movie you can now actually rent them at stores such as Blockbuster and watch them in your living room instead of going to a theater.

C’mon…you know you have one to share.


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