Step by Step

Anyone who reads the DD consistently is probably expecting me to rant and rave about the whole prop 8 outcome.  Instead I am going to say a few words that the average person hates to hear. A few words that teenagers dread hearing from their parents…a few words that mean more then yelling obscenities. These words are simply this…I am so disappointed in you (you being California). And that is all I will say.

There was a baby step taken though…Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce that U.S gay diplomats will receive equal benefits. “At bottom, the department will provide these benefits for both opposite-sex and same-sex domestic partners because it is the right thing to do,” Clinton says. Exactly…the right thing to do!!  The benefits that gay diplomats will finally be granted are: the right of domestic partners to hold diplomatic passports, government-paid travel for their partners and families to and from foreign posts, and the use of U.S. medical facilities abroad. In addition, gay diplomats’ families will now be eligible for U.S. government emergency evacuations and training courses at the Foreign Service Institute.

Patience…I need more patience.


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