Going Once…going twice

Monroe Presley Auction

If you are a Marilyn Monroe fan, have money to spare and would like to own some history then mark your calander for June 26th and 27th. Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas will be auctioning off some of her memorabilia that has never been offered before (along with some of Elvis’s things but I’m not an Elvis fan). I personally think it would be very cool to own something that Marilyn once had but my wallet wont allow that. I think if I could choose the one item I would want most it would be the white dress that she wore while standing over the manhole. That has to be the most classic item out there.

I have said it once and I will say it again…Marilyn Monroe was not only one of the most famous sex symbols but she was the symbol of “Hollywood”! Her death was a big mystery and I still insist there is more to the story then we know.

Any Marilyn fans out there? What one item would you want to own?

Monroe Presley Auction

Monroe Presley Auction


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  1. any piece of jewelry that she wore…it would make for a great converstion piece.

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