A Day at the Beach

I spent the day at the beach yesterday here in San Diego…unfortunately we still had our “June Gloom” so the sun didn’t make a very strong appearance. For anyone who does not live in the area, the San Diego coast is usually overcast for the months of May, nicknamed “May Gray” and June…”June Gloom”.  The beach was packed though…no sun and cold water and still people swarmed in.  I did notice that most of the people in the ocean were kids…kids never seem to be cold?

So if I’m not sunbathing or swimming the next best thing to do at the beach is people watch. One thing I have noticed and heard over the years is people commenting on how overweight women should not be wearing some of the bathing suits they do. When I see a heavy woman in a two piece I think “good for you”. I think confidence is wonderful and who the hell is to say that you have to be a certain weight to expose your stomach. As long as the suit is decent I say “go for it”. There are plenty of men out there whose guts pour over their bathing suits…I don’t see many of them wearing a tee shirt to cover their stomach.

Speaking of overweight, why is it that when people go to the beach I believe their food intake doubles. If you were at home you would not be eating as much crap that is wheeled into the beach in your new heavy duty cooler that is now being made twice the size as before. And I’m sure your new fancy cooler has a holder especially made for your ipod and iphone…god forbid you go to the beach for a few hours and leave them behind. How will you then annoy people if you don’t make some stupid phone call and talk real loud while people are trying to relax and listen to the waves.

Whatever happened to the days of bringing a towel and your sunscreen.


Hard to Choose

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Never Can Say Goodbye

I think he looks happy here

I think he looks happy here

Yes, like millions of other blogs this morning I feel I have to say something about Michael Jackson. I grew up a huge Jackson 5 fan along with the Osmonds. I listened to their songs in my basement on my little phonograph probably danced stupidly with my sister and friends. I think ABC and Rockin Robin were my favorite.  I also loved the Saturday morning cartoon…how cool was that. His songs were amazing and his talent was very rare. People in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s saw a Michael that people later on missed which is a shame. I’m glad I didn’t learn of him later on when all his troubles started, I always felt sorry for him. For years I have referenced him saying “money cannot buy happiness…look at Michael Jackson”.

I would bet the house that OJ was guilty but I’m not 100% sure about Michael Jackson. All I do know for sure is he had problems. When I see videos of him as a young kid singing ABC and then video’s of him dangling his child over a rail I think “wow, how can it be”. He had to be one of the most talented people of all time in his prime…what the hell happened? They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity…maybe that is the answer.

I choose to remember the Michael I knew as a little girl. So I want to share 2 video’s…one of the opening of his cartoon and of course the other is him with Cher (sorry, quality isn’t that good).


I have always said one thing I would do if won the lottery (besides going to Greece) would be to go in a restaurant, order a cup of coffee and leave $100 tip. Then I would run outside and look at the server’s face when they see the tip. Hmm…this dream was many years ago, maybe I should up the tip to $500 now with inflation and all.

This morning I read that Johnny Depp copied my idea! He went out to dinner with some friends and his bill came to $4400 and he tipped the server $4000. The waiter calls Depp a “humble guy” and a “cool dude”. (And for any of you “Friends” fans, Johnny Depp is on my laminated list). I always knew he was a good guy.

Another thing I have been saying is that before I die I have to get a straight royal flush in video poker…last week that finally happened. Actually when I got it I said “I can die now”. I’m not morbid; I just have a sick sense of humor. Anyway…where I am going with this is…honestly I don’t know where I am going with this. I’m just rambling; I can do that once in awhile. You try writing something everday!


I watched part of Obama’s press conference yesterday and got annoyed with the woman who asked the question regarding him signing the anti-smoking bill and his personal smoking addiction. Like he said; one has nothing to do with the other. He also said he constantly gets this question. Why are we so fixated on if he smokes, aren’t there more important issues to be concerned about. His answer was he has fallen off the wagon a few times and is 90% cured…now can we move on.

I smoke about a pack a week and yes, I’m cutting down slowly but surely. So now are you going to stop reading the Daily Dalia!  We all know smoking is an awful habit but people who smoke are looked upon worse than murders I believe. And why is it that people (mostly men) who smoke cigars or pipes are given a different stigma then cigarette smokers…I believe it is because it is a more expensive habit therefore it’s classier. And trust me…there are tons of closet smokers.

And why when I go online and fill out an application for health insurance it asks if I smoke and doesn’t care about my eating habits. I just read heart disease and cancer are neck and neck with the leading cause of death. Do overweight people have to pay more for a policy or people who have high cholesterol?

Just be happy if you don’t smoke and don’t be so judgemental about people who do smoke. It’s not like we wouldn’t like to be non-smokers.

East vs. West


I had a great trip back to the east coast; it is always invigorating to me. I really don’t think I will ever be 100% happy on one coast with both offering different things that appeal to me.

Let’s start with the East Coast…New Jersey to be specific. I really like the fact that it has the Jersey shore which is beautiful and it’s also close to New York City which I appreciate so much more now at an older age. The people are more real and the way they say “coffee” is correct!!! Speaking of coffee, I found out this past trip that Dunkin Doughnuts is to NJ what Starbucks is to CA…there all over (but not on every street corner) and the coffee is so superior to Starbucks. NJ also has a lot of history in the vicinity along with many closer vacation choices nearby. One downfall I noticed more on this trip was that someone has to pump your gas…what a pain in the ass. You have to wait for an attendant and then if you don’t tell him you are paying with a credit card you will get yelled at (my son told him “don’t have a cow”).  I hear NJ has better food then CA but I’m not a huge food freak but I will take the word of my fellow Jersians.

OK, now California…San Diego to be more specific. Weather!

What do you think…which is the more desirable coast to live on? Why?

Walk a mile in my shoes

I know I am late with this story but I was on vacation and everyone knows I can’t pass up anything that has to do with Cher.  I’m sure everyone has heard that Cher’s daughter Chastity is having a sex change operation and will be now known as “Chaz”. I remember being disappointed in Cher when Chaz came out and told her she was a lesbian…Cher was not happy. I never understood that; I always thought Cher was ahead of her time and would be totally hip with that…she was not. But she has redeemed herself now.

Cher recently made a statement about her thoughts on Chaz’s sex change decision – “Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support,” she tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny and although I may not understand I will strive to be understanding. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child.”

I feel for anyone who is not comfortable with whom they are on the inside or outside. I wish only the best to Chaz, Cher and anyone else going through this. As Chasity says in this video “God Bless you”.