The new hang out

One thing I like to do is hang out at a book store, it is a very interesting place. Book stores have changed a lot in since I was a kid. First of all I don’t even remember a “book store” but instead stores with books. I honestly don’t even remember buying books as a kid; we would go to our town or school library and check books out. We actually had library once a week in school where we would go and pick out a book and hang out for about an hour…I don’t think schools do that now. My one memory of that was that all the girls would run and trample the Nancy Drew book section. I actually think one week we were all punished and could not check them out for being so rambunctious…strict nuns!

Book stores of today serve coffee, have couches and actually play music…being quiet, like in a library is not the norm though. I still think you should somewhat be quiet and…NOT TALK LOUD ON YOUR CELL PHONE! Something about being around books to me means you should be respectful and keep the noise down…maybe the nuns instilled that in my brain. We could barely sneeze without getting in some kind of trouble.

Yesterday my target was dream books…I have been having some odd ones lately. I sat for a couple of hours reading up on what the hell it means when I dream about tidal waves, not being able to open my locker in high school, having to go to the bathroom but not being able to find one and flying. Yes, these are all very common and quite interesting. Then being unemployed and desperately looking I asked the bookstore if they were hiring…the answer was no. Unfortunately that was not a dream.

One more thing…I love the smell of a bookstore!!


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you also dream of tidal waves. That has been a recurring dream of mine for many years. To me, it seems to recur when I am having problems or anxiety in real life. Another life long recurring dream has been of flying.

  2. My recurring dream is looking for a bathroom and everyone I find is either disgusting, occupied, or out in the open.

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