On the road again

I like road trips; I enjoy driving while seeing new scenery and listening to my XM radio. It’s more enjoyable on the motorcycle but the car is Ok too. Vegas is a four hour drive from me. A lot of people fly there but I have yet to use their airport. Call me a control freak but for that short of a distance I want to leave when I want to leave and not have to depend on an airplane (I have it down pat what times are good so you won’t hit traffic).

 Once my family drove from N.J to Florida…that was interesting. My memories of that are all the billboards advertising for South of the Border which is a hotel on the border of the Carolina’s. Their signs actually start 175 miles away and there are hundreds of them. The closer you get to the hotel, the closer the signs get. It was soooooo entertaining…at least to a little kid it was. It actually started as a beer stand in 1949 and grew to over a square mile and has its own fire and police department. I’m glad I got to experience that “Americana” moment…we ate there, slept there and read each and every billboard. I put “South of the Border” close to Mount Rushmore on the list of things to see in America. Here is just a few signs you would see-


I came across something on line the other day that showed “weird” stuff you may pass on your road trip…there was one that looked pretty damn cool that I would like to come across. It is in Amarillo, Texas. They are all 1950 Cadillac’s.

Cadillac Ranch

I just want to thank all the people that make road trips more interesting. Planes are so boring.


3 Responses

  1. The puns were the best…

    Pedro Sez, You never SAUSAGE a place; It’s a real Wiener!

  2. I remember the upside down sign….. And also Dave trying to sneak all of the fireworks into the car and then he had to buy more when he actually got permission

  3. did you see 60 Minutes lat night? They did a piece on Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke. He was actually a waiter at South of the border in the summers when he was in Harvard! He was born in ’53, so the timing is right – he could have been our waiter!

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