Degree needed for groceries


Can I just take a moment and vent about my neighborhood grocery store Albertsons. Lately they are driving me crazy. My main beef that just recently occurred is they are advertising that they have lowered the prices of over 1000 items. Now this is not sale items but items that are permanently lowered. First they have signs on each and every item that has been lowered…talk about sign overdose. So now they have those signs along with the sale signs…the clutter is giving me anxiety. Now some items are up to $2.00 off. My question is…have they been gouging us the whole time??? I am actually quite annoyed that all of a sudden they can lower all these prices. I’m sorry but something is wrong with this picture.

Second, today they have an 8 hour sale from 1 pm until 9pm. Then they have other items on sale only Fri, Sat and Sunday while other items are on sale from Wed- Tues. There are other times if you buy 2 of this item and 4 of that item and 7 of that item that adds up to at least over 10 items you get extra money off. Then if you wear red on Monday you get extra coupons (just kidding on that last one). But this is just ridiculous, it is too complicated.  I need to get to bed extra early the day before I go food shopping to just comprehend all that’s going on.

Can we please simplify. Back in the olden days at the General Store I would doubt they had to go through all this crap. They didn’t have; On Mondays buy one pound of flour and get a pound of sugar at half price if you come after the rooster crows and before the cows need milking.


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