Just another holiday

Who knew there was a National Doughnut Day…not me, but today is that day! Of course I have doughnut memories. When I was a kid usually every Sunday my Dad would go to the bakery (another industry that is dying) and bring home a bag of assorted doughnuts. My favorite…the yummy jelly. Oh, there was nothing like that first bite when you would finally come to the jelly. I didn’t care of it was grape or strawberry, just as long as there was jelly in it.

FYI – National Doughnut Day was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to raise much-needed funds during the Great Depression, and to honor the work of World War I Salvation Army volunteers who prepared doughnuts and other foods for thousands of soldiers.

Rumor has it that Krispy Creme is giving out a free doughtnut to every person that enters their establishment today…is Duncan doing that?

And of course I need to know…


2 Responses

  1. Duncan is a free doughnut with purchase of any drink

  2. JELLY DOUGHNUTS……eeeeeeegads yuk

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