Heading to the Garden State

Atlantic City Boardwalk

It’s that time again where the Daily Dalia flies off to that ideal vacation destination…New Jersey! Now, now, some of us like New Jersey and can appreciate the beauty of this east coast state. If I had to guess, I would say Hawaii is the number one state people would want to vacation…or possibly California or Florida. Jersey probably falls somewhere in the mid range…maybe the 20th state choice.  I plan on seeing my family & friends, West Side Story and Regis & Kelly in New York and then heading to Atlantic City for my NJ shore fix. No trip to NJ is complete until you can see their beautiful beaches (and that is not sarcasm).

I will be back to the DD in about 10 days. Hopefully I will have some interesting stories to share.  Oh wait, can I just say one more thing before my vacation…express one more thing that irritated me. Yesterday I was driving and saw a bumper sticker that said “Impeach Obama”. Simmer down people…simmer down. Let he who has quickly fixed a totally messed up country cast the first stone. So while I am away…everyone play nice.


One Response

  1. The best place to grow up was North Jersey. Wouldn’t trade those memories for a million dollars. 20 maybe, 1, never ever!

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