I watched part of Obama’s press conference yesterday and got annoyed with the woman who asked the question regarding him signing the anti-smoking bill and his personal smoking addiction. Like he said; one has nothing to do with the other. He also said he constantly gets this question. Why are we so fixated on if he smokes, aren’t there more important issues to be concerned about. His answer was he has fallen off the wagon a few times and is 90% cured…now can we move on.

I smoke about a pack a week and yes, I’m cutting down slowly but surely. So now are you going to stop reading the Daily Dalia!  We all know smoking is an awful habit but people who smoke are looked upon worse than murders I believe. And why is it that people (mostly men) who smoke cigars or pipes are given a different stigma then cigarette smokers…I believe it is because it is a more expensive habit therefore it’s classier. And trust me…there are tons of closet smokers.

And why when I go online and fill out an application for health insurance it asks if I smoke and doesn’t care about my eating habits. I just read heart disease and cancer are neck and neck with the leading cause of death. Do overweight people have to pay more for a policy or people who have high cholesterol?

Just be happy if you don’t smoke and don’t be so judgemental about people who do smoke. It’s not like we wouldn’t like to be non-smokers.


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  1. Yes, overweight people have to pay more for a policy as well as those with high cholesterol. Lots of other health and lifestyle factors are evaluated when determining rates.

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