I have always said one thing I would do if won the lottery (besides going to Greece) would be to go in a restaurant, order a cup of coffee and leave $100 tip. Then I would run outside and look at the server’s face when they see the tip. Hmm…this dream was many years ago, maybe I should up the tip to $500 now with inflation and all.

This morning I read that Johnny Depp copied my idea! He went out to dinner with some friends and his bill came to $4400 and he tipped the server $4000. The waiter calls Depp a “humble guy” and a “cool dude”. (And for any of you “Friends” fans, Johnny Depp is on my laminated list). I always knew he was a good guy.

Another thing I have been saying is that before I die I have to get a straight royal flush in video poker…last week that finally happened. Actually when I got it I said “I can die now”. I’m not morbid; I just have a sick sense of humor. Anyway…where I am going with this is…honestly I don’t know where I am going with this. I’m just rambling; I can do that once in awhile. You try writing something everday!

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