Never Can Say Goodbye

I think he looks happy here

I think he looks happy here

Yes, like millions of other blogs this morning I feel I have to say something about Michael Jackson. I grew up a huge Jackson 5 fan along with the Osmonds. I listened to their songs in my basement on my little phonograph probably danced stupidly with my sister and friends. I think ABC and Rockin Robin were my favorite.  I also loved the Saturday morning cartoon…how cool was that. His songs were amazing and his talent was very rare. People in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s saw a Michael that people later on missed which is a shame. I’m glad I didn’t learn of him later on when all his troubles started, I always felt sorry for him. For years I have referenced him saying “money cannot buy happiness…look at Michael Jackson”.

I would bet the house that OJ was guilty but I’m not 100% sure about Michael Jackson. All I do know for sure is he had problems. When I see videos of him as a young kid singing ABC and then video’s of him dangling his child over a rail I think “wow, how can it be”. He had to be one of the most talented people of all time in his prime…what the hell happened? They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity…maybe that is the answer.

I choose to remember the Michael I knew as a little girl. So I want to share 2 video’s…one of the opening of his cartoon and of course the other is him with Cher (sorry, quality isn’t that good).


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  1. All I can say is poor Farrah – This woman with so much strength and love can’t even get a day when she dies. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer but give equal time when it’s due. Farrah showed so much strength and character fighting this terrible illness and we have to keep going over and over the fact that Michael died of a heart attack – something is wrong with this world.

  2. I too have very fond memories of Michael…I listened to him on my “Toot a Loop”. Whenever I hear any of his pre plastic surgery” songs I get a very comfortable warm 1970 feeling.

  3. The only reason I did not give tribute to Farrah is because I already did in the last month. I think a tribute when someone is still alive is much more complementing then when the person has died…don’t you?
    I don’t think Farrah is mad up in heaven and saying “That damn Michael Jackson stole my thunder”…I believe she is finally at peace.

  4. It figures that someone as brave and spiritual as Farrah would be overshadowed. Not to take away the importance of Michael Jackson but I will always be a fan of Farrah.

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