A Day at the Beach

I spent the day at the beach yesterday here in San Diego…unfortunately we still had our “June Gloom” so the sun didn’t make a very strong appearance. For anyone who does not live in the area, the San Diego coast is usually overcast for the months of May, nicknamed “May Gray” and June…”June Gloom”.  The beach was packed though…no sun and cold water and still people swarmed in.  I did notice that most of the people in the ocean were kids…kids never seem to be cold?

So if I’m not sunbathing or swimming the next best thing to do at the beach is people watch. One thing I have noticed and heard over the years is people commenting on how overweight women should not be wearing some of the bathing suits they do. When I see a heavy woman in a two piece I think “good for you”. I think confidence is wonderful and who the hell is to say that you have to be a certain weight to expose your stomach. As long as the suit is decent I say “go for it”. There are plenty of men out there whose guts pour over their bathing suits…I don’t see many of them wearing a tee shirt to cover their stomach.

Speaking of overweight, why is it that when people go to the beach I believe their food intake doubles. If you were at home you would not be eating as much crap that is wheeled into the beach in your new heavy duty cooler that is now being made twice the size as before. And I’m sure your new fancy cooler has a holder especially made for your ipod and iphone…god forbid you go to the beach for a few hours and leave them behind. How will you then annoy people if you don’t make some stupid phone call and talk real loud while people are trying to relax and listen to the waves.

Whatever happened to the days of bringing a towel and your sunscreen.


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  1. Excellent T! As someone overweight I have to say that sometimes people should really look twice before leaving their homes! 🙂 Love ya!

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