Uncle Hal Rests

I’m heading to San Francisco today with a purpose…to finally put someone to rest. About 15 years ago my boyfriend’s uncle died and wanted his ashes to be spread in the San Francisco Bay. Yes, he is finally getting around to doing it and I would have to say “it is about time”.

Sad to say though his uncle was gay but did not “come out” to his family. My boyfriend, upon his uncle’s death, put two and two together and figured out he was a gay man. When he  died he was in his late 60’s, early 70’s…I wonder if he was still alive today if he would have felt comfortable enough to proclaim his homosexuality. I just feel bad for anyone who has to hide who they are. My boyfriend thought his uncle was the greatest…when he knew him as a straight man and now remembering him as a gay man.

I hope when we spread his ashes that Uncle Hal will know that the world is a tad more accepting now of gays but still has a long way to go.

RIP Uncle Hal


How will we survive!!

I was reading my Costco Connection magazine (not as good as PEOPLE magazine but I’m bored) and there was a full page or 2 on the post office possibly closing on Saturdays. I really don’t see what the big deal is and that some people do not like this idea. You know what people are afraid of this happening…unorganized ones!! If you think ahead and plan wisely this should have no affect (or is it effect) on you.

If someone’s birthday is on a Monday you will just have to make sure the card gets there by Friday and mail it by probably the previous Monday. I just checked and Christmas is on Friday this year so I would have to assume that would make everyone safe. Are we this spoiled that you can’t go 2 days without mail? Damn, I will have to wait now until Monday to get my Pennysaver…my weekend is just ruined!

Just think back to Laura Ingalls and be happy that we have mail delivered right to our house and even for 5 days that’s pretty good. And just think; you can mail a letter on one day and it can possibly get to your destination (if close) the next day…that’s amazing! So let’s put away our selfish hats and help the economy. My vote is to stop Saturday Delivery…how about you?

Useless Information

Sending your kids off to college is just around the corner…I hope you didn’t choose Penn State University. Penn is now the #1 party school (according to The Princeton Review which is not affiliated with Princeton University) taking the title away from University of Florida. So is it basically students consider this title when searching and parents try to stay away? Well parents, if that is the case then you will want to send your kids to Brigham Young University; they won the “Stone-Cold Sober” school.  This school has won this honor 12 straight years in a row…way to go Utah! Is this a Mormon thing?

Honestly this whole contest is ridiculous; it’s like those dumb “prettiest girl, cutest couple, most likely to succeed, best smile”, etc. contests you see in your year book. It is all a popularity contest and nothing more. I mean how do you rate the top party school…count how many kegs are bought each year or see how many hangovers are reported to the school nurse? Then I read “it’s a badge of honor” and that kids want to pump up their school. Well, I guess if that’s what you want to be known for??

Well if anyone takes this survey seriously here are the top 10. Notice only one on the West Coast being UCSB (my son graduated from where and he was not a big partier).

  1. Penn State University, Pa
  2. University of Florida, Fla
  3. University of Mississippi, Miss
  4. University of Georgia, Ga
  5. Ohio University, Ohio
  6. West Virginia University, W. Va
  7. University of Texas, Texas
  8. University of Wisconsin, Wis
  9. Florida State University, Fla
  10. University of California Santa Barbara

It’s all in the label

As I watched the news this morning about the wild fires in California I heard the reporter announce that a woman firefighter had to be air lifted out due to heat exhaustion. What is wrong with that statement…why is it bothering me? For all you smart people, exactly… why did he have to say “woman”, if it was a man he would not have said a man firefighter. I know it might seem trivial to some but I just wish society would stop labeling when it is not relevant to a story; the black man, the gay person, the fat woman, etc. Unless you need that adjective for your story to make sense, just leave it out.

(first posted July 8,2008)

Octo NO

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I just read that Octomom’s reality show will start filming September 1st….damn! We all have to unite and not watch so the show is taken off the air…that is all I will say about this woman I do not like.


A male friend of mine hesitantly told me he got his first manicure/pedicure (someone took him without telling him where they were going). He is now hooked! Having nice looking hands and feet is not just a female privilege. Men shower, groom their hair, shave, so why the reluctance for the mani/pedi? Trust me, there is nothing worse then gross feet and it feels great! I do see more and more men going and I admire those men, it shows me they are secure with who they are. My boyfriend loves his pedicures and this is a guy that has a deer head mounted on the wall (which, by the way, I will take down when I move in).

(first posted 4/16/08…since then I have moved in and the deer head is gone!)

A tisket, a tasket

This is where I want to work, at a company that shows some “spirit“! Longaberger Co. must have fun people if they designed their corporate headquarter like this. Maybe I should not assume but I’m going with my gut instinct. I bet they have a great working environment too with awesome benefits, matching 401K, 4 day work week, free cafeteria, etc. OK, now I’m in the fantasy world but I know their are some companies out there that do value their employees…maybe they are found in this basket (it kind of reminds me of Dorothy’s, maybe that’s why I like it so much).

Now all I have to do is move to Ohio.