The 4th

It seems like the  4th of July snuck up on me. I think when you are unemployed all the days just kind of meld together. You’re not looking forward to that 3 day weekend because basically you have a 7 day weekend which stinks with a capital S. I don’t have that excitement of sitting at my desk waiting for the email to come saying we can all leave early and to have a nice holiday weekend. And then you get back to work on Monday and start counting the days until Labor Day with your fellow employees. Oh how I yearn for that feeling again.

I really don’t have many 4th memories; I don’t think we did anything special when I was a kid except go see some fireworks. I remember of course having to get there early so you have a place for your blanket and then it seemed to be over quite quickly. I think I enjoyed running around my neighborhood with sparklers like a crazy person more than the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” of watching fireworks. To me, the best fireworks I have seen are in Disneyland, now that is worth the wait. There is nothing like hearing Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) speak over all the land just before the show starts…her voice is as sweet as a spoon full of sugar (love how I tied that in)!! A couple of years ago I could watch the Legoland Fireworks from my bed…now that’s living! I know I am now offically old because they were the best.

 Did you know now that they are making fireworks eco friendly? Think of it…all those chemicals and smoke you see going up in the air after that big BOOM. I’m surprised they didn’t hand out face masks before the show. Current pyrotechnics use oxidizing chemicals and heavy metals to make the light and color. Now they can use nitrogen-rich materials that burn cleaner with less smoke; but of course they are more expensive. Let’s see…cost vs. air quality. My bet is they may be handing out face masks.

I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July, your 3 day holiday weekend and to all the unemployed out there like me another 7 day weekend. And don’t forget (I remind my kids every holiday), don’t drink and drive…the road blocks are all over. I mean you should never drink and drive but the odds of getting caught this weekend are worse. And yes, drunk drivers should get caught as to save innocent people but…just be careful!


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