The Wave (no, not at sports events)

Spring is here and that means taking the motorcycle out (actually I sit on the back while my boyfriend drives). I am new to the cycle world and actually enjoy it more then I thought I would, it’s amazing how much scenery I have missed while sitting in a car. I do have one major beef though…the wave! Who the hell started this annoying tradition. For anyone who does not know, you have to do this 2 fingers down kind of wave at EVERY bike that drives by you (although rumor has it Harley riders only wave to other Harley riders…there’s snobbery even in cycle world). Sorry but I’m not doing it…I drive a Mitsubishi car and I don’t wave at every Eclipse that drives by me. I am a very friendly person but this tradition is ludicrous.

(I’m close to buying a hybrid, does that mean I have to wave a green flag to every other hybrid driver)?
(first posted May 21st. 2008)

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