It shouldn’t be the sex that matters

The Daily Dalia has a gripe. I was talking to someone this week who was telling me he had 4 older brothers and one younger sister, the parents kept trying until they had a girl. This is my gripe (as my teeth grind), parents should have children to have “children”, simple as that. It should not matter in any way what sex the child is, why would it? I have 2 boys and am thrilled that I have 2 great kids, I really don’t care that one of them is not a girl.  When I hear the “perfect family” line when someone has two children, a boy and a girl I want to hurl. What makes a “perfect family” in this day and age, that is a broad statement. We have families of divorces, adoptees, gay parents, grandparents raising children, the list is endless. I think as long as children are raised & loved for who they are by loving people that is perfection!

(Originally posted May 23, 2008)


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