Strike a new pose

I would say for the past week or two everyday in the paper there is a photo of someone holding their head. OK, we get it, the country is in trouble, can we get a new pose! Who knows, these people can be thinking “damn, I forgot to feed the dog this morning”. How about a photo with a light bulb above it suggesting that this person may have a bright idea, lets be optimistic and not so depressing.

I scoured the paper yesterday looking for something good, something that might bring a smile to my face. It took awhile but there was a little article…some guy sued a theater for $1250 to pay for dental work because of a chipped tooth due to chewing on an un-popped kernel of popcorn. The good news…the judge said no way, you cannot expect every kernel of popcorn to be popped. Sweet…I love when sue happy people lose.

Maybe today on the front page there will be a photo of a man in the theater with a light bulb over his head thinking “I’m glad I went to the matinee movie today to save money in these hard times and I better be careful eating this popcorn because if I accidentally bite down on an un-popped kernel, I am responsible”.

(first posted Oct 1, 2008)


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