Scents and Sensibility

My topic today is Perfume, if I make one point in this post is that less is better. There is nothing worse than someone over spraying their favorite celebrity scent and making everyone around them gag for fresh air. I don’t know what is worse, BO or a perfume overdose. I actually had to change seats in a theater because an older woman held her finger down too long on the perfume spray (I think woman over 60 are one of the biggest culprits of this crime…not to mention their poor choice of scents). I remember this woman I did not particularly like wore Angel so now every time I smell that I just get bad memories…smelly by association! And please, when going on job interviews…just opt of deodorant that day. I also think Calvin Klein is pulling something over on us, I swear every one of his scents smell the same with just name and bottle changes.

Do you know the first celebrity to have their own scent…in 1980 Sophia Loren came out with Sophia followed by Forever Krystle in 1984 by Linda Evans and next in 1988…the BEST one yet was Uninhibited by…you guessed it…CHER (yes, I did own it). It seems as if every celebrity is putting their name on a bottle now. Why did it seem glamorous back in the 80’s but now does not seem as vogue when Paris Hilton is on a box called Fairy Dust…there is no comparison.

Just remember, dab a little of your scent on either the backs of your knees, across your abdomen, in the cleavage area, on your wrists or your neck and the heat from your body will release the scent when you need it the most. You want to leave a mmmmm impression…not an ewwwwww memory!


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  1. Interesting coincidence that perfume is todays topic. I was asked yesterday if I had to smell something for the rest of my life 24/7 what would it be. Calvin Klein Obsession for women was my answer. Do they all smell the same? I don’t know but that one holds a special place in my memory

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