Can it just rain dogs


There are some animals I would have to believe that people really do not have an opinion on like a turtle, I can’t see anyone saying “I really don’t like turtles”! But now when it comes to cats I think you either love them or loathe them; I am a loather. Yes I am allergic to them but that isn’t the reason why they are on my “keep them away from me” list.

This past weekend is San Diego they hosted one of the largest West Coast cat shows; attending this would be my torture on Survivor, let me eat the live tarantulas instead.  Kim Everett-Hirsch, a cat judge said “Dogs, you order them to go and they go. You are god to a dog. With cats, it’s the other way around. They’re god, and they go when they want”.  Exactly, this is why I do not like cats, that and the fact that one just jumped me out of the blue and scratched my leg for no apparent reason (unless they sense the enemy). Cat people can be odd too, what about the ones that have like 100 cats in their house; that is just sick.

Now dogs, they are a different story. C’mon, you can’t argue the fact that they are known as Man’s Best Friend. What are cat’s known for; black ones if they cross your path are bad luck, Cat Woman was a supervillain of Batman and worst of all, they climb on your kitchen counters…ewwww.  Ok, I will give you that Cats was a hit on Broadway. 

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