A male friend of mine hesitantly told me he got his first manicure/pedicure (someone took him without telling him where they were going). He is now hooked! Having nice looking hands and feet is not just a female privilege. Men shower, groom their hair, shave, so why the reluctance for the mani/pedi? Trust me, there is nothing worse then gross feet and it feels great! I do see more and more men going and I admire those men, it shows me they are secure with who they are. My boyfriend loves his pedicures and this is a guy that has a deer head mounted on the wall (which, by the way, I will take down when I move in).

(first posted 4/16/08…since then I have moved in and the deer head is gone!)


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  1. This is why guys don’t get mani/pedi

    Robin: If it makes you feel any better, Ted says she has the crazy eyes.
    Lily: What’s that?
    Robin: Apparently a thing women have that guys can see that tells them that the girl’s crazy.
    Lily: Oh! Kinda like you never wanna date a guy with perfect fingernails?
    Robin: Jerk nails, exactly.

    (from How i Met your Mother)

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