How will we survive!!

I was reading my Costco Connection magazine (not as good as PEOPLE magazine but I’m bored) and there was a full page or 2 on the post office possibly closing on Saturdays. I really don’t see what the big deal is and that some people do not like this idea. You know what people are afraid of this happening…unorganized ones!! If you think ahead and plan wisely this should have no affect (or is it effect) on you.

If someone’s birthday is on a Monday you will just have to make sure the card gets there by Friday and mail it by probably the previous Monday. I just checked and Christmas is on Friday this year so I would have to assume that would make everyone safe. Are we this spoiled that you can’t go 2 days without mail? Damn, I will have to wait now until Monday to get my Pennysaver…my weekend is just ruined!

Just think back to Laura Ingalls and be happy that we have mail delivered right to our house and even for 5 days that’s pretty good. And just think; you can mail a letter on one day and it can possibly get to your destination (if close) the next day…that’s amazing! So let’s put away our selfish hats and help the economy. My vote is to stop Saturday Delivery…how about you?


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