Yellow delanie?

I had a successful San Francisco trip; Uncle Hal is now at peace in the San Francisco Bay.

We decided to drive this trip as to save money with San Diego only being about 7 hours from San Fran. I don’t mind road trips as long as I don’t hit traffic. Sometimes by the time you drive to the airport, arrive early and go through all the hassle, driving is not that bad. Plus my last flight to SF the plane was delayed and they had my luggage on the wrong plane so it actually was probably the same amount of time. Then in this week’s PARADE I read in Europe they now allow passengers to make in –flight cell phone calls. If this happens in the U.S I will be driving EVERYWHERE! I cannot fathom sitting next to some person having an obnoxious call. You know air rage will become the rage. I can see allowing texting but I’m sorry, there is absolutely no reason you have to talk on your phone while flying…no reason! Are Bose headphones absolutely soundproof? Tell me now so I can buy stock in the company.

Does anyone know what delanie is? As I was listening to Cat Stevens this road trip (he is definitely a road trip musician) I was listening to Into White (a song I have heard many times) and the line “yellow delanie would sleep well at night” and I was like “hmmmm…what is delanie”.  Why it took me over a 100 times of listening to question it…I guess I will chalk that up to the mindset on road trips.

Now back to cell phone usage on planes…what do you think?


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