No food for thought

Julia Child

Julia Child

Tomorrow Julie & Julia opens in theaters; this is not high on my priority list. I am not a fan of cooking, baking, grilling or anything that has to do with food preparation. Whenever I would hear “pot luck lunch” at work I would cringe and then run to the sign up list to put my name next to soda or napkins. If I do see this movie it is because I like Meryl Streep & Amy Adams and I happen to be bored one day with no other movie options.

It all may be hereditary, this not liking to cook thing. My mom wasn’t keen on it and I would say my sons spend about 2 minutes a day in their kitchens. To me cooking is too much of a production. First you have to think of what you want, than you have to shop for it, put it all away, take it back out, prepare it, cook it, eat it and then clean it up. I have a basic rule…no more than 5 ingredients and there is no way one of those ingredients is a spice that I never heard of that I have to drive to a specialty store and buy. If it’s not parsley, garlic or pepper then I turn the page.

One of my gripes (maybe I should add this to my gripe tab) is when I tell someone where I am going on vacation and they say “oh, they have great restaurants there”. I could care less about the eateries of my next get away; I want good weather and great sightseeing. I think some people choose their destination with “food” in mind. Some people are just obsessed.

I will spend $100 on a pair of jeans but going out to dinner and spending that is obscene to me. I will enjoy my jeans for years on but how long will you enjoy that food. By the next day it is gone.

Well I think by now you know my feelings about food. Maybe if Julia Child had been my mom I would have a whole different perspective on the subject…and I may be 20 lbs heavier.


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  1. I too am surprised by the amount of people that associate vacations with food. To a certain extent, it does make sense though, because you sometimes encounter local fare that isn’t available where you live. And those Vegas buffets are legendary.

    As far as fine dining goes, I also think that it’s way over-rated. Why pay all of that money for a meal and get a snooty waiter? I’ve seen waiters fill water glasses with wine, only so they get to open another bottle of over-priced vino and increase their “cut.” The family chains are doing a great job these days and the student waiters do a much better job than the pros at the high-brow places.

    Cooking is a very personal thing. It’s basically become a hobby now as opposed to a necessary life skill. Everybody needs a hobby.

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