Stop the Insanity!

One more stupid reality show hits the airwaves…”More to Love”. C’mon people, please stop watching this crap and make T.V get back to where it was back in the day where people had some dignity left. I’ll give you American Idol since that is a “talent” show but these white trash shows like More to Love, Big Brother, The Bachelor, The Real Housewives and all the others are just disgusting and should be stopped. You have to realize they are all staged like the guests on Jerry Springer…you are a fool for watching and believing.

I miss real T.V…shows that have real actors and not people paid to be ignorant. I want more Seinfeld’s and Friends shows produced. And all you people who support these shows by watching…well now we can all thank you for Octomom’s show being produced. And what about the 8 kids of Jon & Kate…I bet they love the fact that their parents are now apart because of a stupid show.

Maybe I should start RSWA…Reality Show Watchers Anonymous. Take it one day at a time.


2 Responses

  1. Hmm, you DO realize their biggest support do you not? Someone near and dear to us both!

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