Color my world

I think when I was a kid one of my favorite things to get new was a box of crayons…especially that Crayola 64 box. When I would open that box up and see all those colors it was almost euphoric; especially when none were broken and all the tips were sharp and pointed! Colors play a big role in your life…well maybe not that big. I know whenever I play a game I always pick yellow for its cheeriness. If I had to guess what men care about color the most with, I would say their car.  I know whenever I play a game and fight for my yellow piece it’s never a male I’m fighting with…they most of the time don’t even want to play your stupid game.

What every person should want to know about color is what color looks best on them…some people look better in cool colors while others should be wearing warm. I read this article yesterday and wanted to share with everyone  because I want everyone to look their best! According to Ms. Wikiel of there are 4 colors that look good on everyone regardless of hair color and skin tone. So for all you people who don’t know what color looks good on you here is your answer…you’re welcome! Is this not the best way to start off your week!

Eggplant (Men, that means a dark purple)

 True Red

Indian Teal-

Mellow Rose

So there you have it…when in doubt wear these colors.

To read more-


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