Naked Ladies go away

Taken from California State University

Taken from California State University

I am not a single woman but whenever I see a naked lady mudflap on some moron’s truck I always say “If I were single I would never date a man that owns those degrading things”. I don’t get it; what kind of person buys these. I would think if you were single and were looking to date someone you would know by owning these god awful things that no decent woman would be interested in you. If you are married or dating I’m surprised the woman puts up with them…I would have to guess she is timid.  Either way, in my eyes, you are a jerk. Time to grow up and act your age not your shoe size (I still love saying that…it worked when I was 5 and it still does).  I think Arizona was wrong…the Arizona House rejected a bill that would have banned mudflaps with “images that are obscene or hateful.”

Let’s all stop the next generation and get rid of all those mudflaps today!! Seriously…why do you want them? Do you not realize your level of respect reaches under the ground with the ownership of them.

Oh, and I also don’t think I could date anyone who wears croc’s or socks with sandals.


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