Eden is right around the corner

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the new school year to start…did that make me a nerd? I don’t know any kid today that is excited today; is it a sign of the times or was I really the only one. But come to think to it I don’t think I was that nerdy because my excitement for going back was the social aspect of it all. I wasn’t this freak kid that liked homework. Even after the weekends were over I was always ready on Monday’s to go back.

And then there is the SHOPPING! I mean c’mon, going back to school shopping would give me goose bumps! I loved choosing my new book bag or lunch box…supplies would have to be my only excitement since I went to Catholic School. I think getting shoes was the big deal since we wore uniforms. Later on in High School I was then able to participate in the “back to school” clothes shopping extravaganza!

I love this Staples commercial… as an adult I love back to school even MORE! Now it means I have the house back to normal. Less kids hanging out, video game playing & TV watching…ahhhhh!!! BACK TO SCHOOL… at all ages, it’s always been music to my ears.


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  1. i must have seen this commercial 24 times already and each time i can’t help but giggle

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