Mister who?

I think it’s been at least a week since I have brought up a feminist topic so get ready. Last week I was watching Regis and Kelly and Regis was talking about a contestant that was on his “Millionaire” show. This man stayed at home while his wife went out and worked…Regis referred to his as “Mr. Mom”.

The year is 2009 and I think it’s time that term should become extinct. It might have been cute back in 1983 when Michael Keaton played the lead role in “Mr. Mom” but it’s time to move on.  If we keep referring to men who stay home as Mr. Mom then society will always think that staying home is a woman’s job. A man staying home to care for his children is called a DAD.

And again, yes I can see you all rolling your eyes saying it’s no big deal but I disagree. I think kids should see their parents as equals…Mr. Dad and Ms. Mom.


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