The age old question

I will be jet skiing for the next couple of days but didn’t want to leave you hanging too long so I thought I would do a poll…I think people like polls. With this poll you may need an extra day to think about it and then come back to it…that’s how deep this one is!! This topic has been talked about for centuries; I’m sure it has broken up marriages & friendships. It drives some people just plain crazy. OK…here it goes-




3 Responses

  1. Its not a question of maturity but a question of common sense, why would anyone want to reach under a roll to find the square. In front is the only way to have it, its just that much easier.

  2. Mima was always so particular about this! She likes to have the toilet paper under, and if we were staying at her house and someone did it the other way she would say, ” Who put on the toilet paper? I like it underneath!” I like it underneath too, it’s easier to rip!

  3. I TRULY TRULY am being honest when I say …..I really don’t care or notice the whole over under issue

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