Stop horsing around

I live near the Del Mar race track…a very famous race track that opened in 1937 with Bing Crosby collecting tickets at the turnstile; him and some Hollywood buddies started it. People like Lucy and Desi, Mickey Rooney and Jimmy Durante have placed their bets at this Southern Califorina track.

The racetrack  still draws big crowds with their slogan “where the surf meets the turf”. I have gone and placed a few bets myself both here and in New Jersey but my betting days are over due to now being informed. Too many horses are dying…I think this year it’s already up to 10 and our season is short; July to September. Last year there were 8 deaths and the year before 6. These stats may be off by one but even one horse dying due to racing is too much.

I also read last week how they are changing the whips they use to get the horses to go faster to lighter ones since the old ones would leave welts on the skin. Oh, how nice of them.

Do we really need to bet on horses…lets just put our money on dice and cards. If a a card rips we just get a new deck…we don’t have to shoot it. What do you think?


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  1. My sister is involved in Greyhound rescue and has adopted 3 different dogs over the years. She talks about the abuse and neglect of the dogs and is very pasionate about how it should be banned.

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