Rent to Impress

Can someone please explain…I saw on the news how people “rent” such things as designer luggage and sunglasses to impress people when they travel. Why? Are people really this ridiculous? Can anyone give me one good reason why you would do this? Maybe I’m missing something.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, right. If only people knew how much other people really don’t even care what you do.
    Besides, did anyone ever hear of a knock off….you can actually buy Burberry things in a dollar store!

  2. That is the ugliest piece of garbage….bought…rented….real….or fake……so NOT and never will be impressed with that trash

  3. The funny and sad thing is is LV bags are not even real leather! It’s all fake, so you are literally just spending money on a name.

    Coach has some real leather, more than LV, not as much as other brands like Fossil.

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