What the ????

I found out that I can now drive an hour from my house and legally have small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and heroin on me. So let’s see, this weekend do I go to the beach or head to Mexico for drugs. This is insane…they had photo’s in the newspaper of people injecting themselves with heroin on the streets of Tijuana. Do you ever read or hear something and just shake your head and say “huh”?

I have gone to TJ (that is what Californians call Tijuana) a few times to do the tourist thing, but lately the killings of innocent people from drug cartels has skyrocketed so there is no way in hell I would head for the border. And I really don’t want to be bargaining with the street vendors and see someone injecting themselves…yuk.

The thing is too that thousands of U.S college students go to Mexico each year because the drinking age is 18 (not to mention it’s very inexpensive). Now they can get drugs very easy…I’m so glad my kids have graduated college and have moved on.

So just a warning to you parents…keep your kids out of Mexico if you can.


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