Don’t mess with my mall

I have admitted in the past that I am a shopaholic. Shopping; not necessarily buying, brings me much pleasure. I was not very happy yesterday while reading that malls are now going in a different direction due to many empty stores. They say malls will become “community centers”. Uh…I don’t need community…I need my stores! The malls are now inviting businesses like grocery stores, dry cleaners, indoor skate parks and gyms. YUK…this is not a mall, this is what I find on almost every street corner around…a strip mall. I shop my many, many malls for a different kind of experience other than a strip mall. They are two totally different places and I don’t want to see the two mixed together.

Damn this recession…it’s ruining everything! If I go to one of my malls and start walking towards my favorite store Macy’s and pass a Home Depot on the way…I may lose it. I don’t see Home Depot putting in a shoe department in their store. (fyi – there is a Home Depot in Palisades Center in N.Y).


2 Responses

  1. Damn this recession for a lot of things huh?!

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