My Hero Hugh

Anyone who reads the Daily Dalia (which everyone should daily…hence the name) knows how I feel about rude cell phone usage. Well, I absolutely LOVED this story in the paper about Hugh Jackman. Apparently while he was acting in his Broadway play “A Steady Rain” a cell phone went off and he was not happy…can you blame him. Breaking character Hugh stops and says “You want to get that” (the audience cheered). The ringing PERSISTED so Hugh says “Come on, just turn it off”. He then paces the stage and waited for the ringing to stop.

What are people thinking?? I’m sure in the beginning they asked everyone to silence there cell phone. Oh, wait…now they have to add “and no texting” also. For some strange reason people think that texting is not annoying. In a dark theater a bright screen is a joy, especially when they are sitting right in front of you!

I’m just hoping more people start speaking up like Hugh and yes, embarrass people for their rudeness of speaking on their cell phones in inappropriate places. C’mon America…get on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon!! Kudos to you Hugh!!!




If I had to place a bet I would say most parents are against Obama’s idea of lengthening the amount of time kids go to school. I believe parents today are too coddling. I would also bet that some kids spend more time at football practice/game time then doing math or english in a week. Sorry, I’m one of those people that think scholastics are more important than sports.

I read that kids in other countries go to school 25 to 30% longer then the U.S. I’m not saying that’s all kids should do is school but even just adding a 1/2 hour a day and maybe cutting off a couple weeks of summer vacation may help.

“Our school calendar is based upon the agrarian economy and not too many of our kids are working the fields today,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

So lets see what you think-

So tell me, where do the children play

Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens

So the other day I heard the new T-Mobile commercial playing the Cat Stevens song and I thought “I like this song, let me see if Itunes has it”. I wasn’t sure of the name so I googled “Cat Stevens song Teen Mobile”. Little did I know that people are asking you to boycott T- Mobile because it is using a Cat Stevens song called “If you want to sing out, sing out”.

Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1977 and adopted his new Muslim name, Yusuf Islam. He was accused of being somehow associated with a terrorist group…I find that very hard to believe. Uh…have you heard Peace Train. He has been given several awards for his work in promoting peace in the world, including 2003’s World Award, the 2004 Man for Peace Award and the 2007 Mediterranean Prize for Peace.

After 9/11 he appeared on video condemning the attacks and sang “Peace Train” for the first time in public in more than 20 years. He donated a portion of his box royalties to the fund for victims families and the rest to orphans in underdeveloped countries. Oh…I see now…this is why we should boycott T-Mobile…how dare he do that!!!

Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam

In 2004 he was denied access into the U.S being on the “no fly list” and was detained by the Department of Homeland Security (the actual name on the list was Youssef Islam…his name being spelled Yusuf). In 2006 he was then let in the U.S . He then later wrote a song about his deportation called “Boots and Sand” recorded last year. (listen below)

I really think it’s OK to support T-Mobile. Cat’s cool. I don’t see how that voice could be harmful.

Save the Boobs!

October is right around the corner and I’m sure everyone knows (or should know) that it is Breast Awareness Month.  The NBCAM (The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization is a partnership of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services) is celebrating its 25 year anniversary in “09”. Good going!

A Canadian charity called “Rethink Breast Cancer” has recently come out with an ad “Save the Boobs” and some are saying they have gone too far. Is the saying true “any publicity is good publicity”. We do still have to get the message out. What do you think-


70 and Hi-Def!

File:Wizard oz movieposter.jpg

This year the Wizard of Oz turns 70…happy Anniversary! And if you’re lucky enough, tonight about 450 theaters are having a one day showing of this classic which of course has been digitally remastered. I, unfortunately, do not live close to one of these theaters…sons of bitches. I would love to see Dorothy on the big screen with her 3 friends strolling down the yellow brick road (oh yes, and Toto too).  Can you imagine Glinda’s big bubble…it must be HUGE in the theater. I know when it comes up on my slot machine I get excited so I can’t even imagine it hi- def!! (in case you have never been to a casino they have a Wizard of Oz slot machine).

But wait, it gets better. Just in case you don’t make it to the theater tonight, on September 29th they will be selling the movie in newly remastered Hi-Def DVDs and Blu-ray. Whew…can you even stand all this excitement!!

Wait…it’s not over yet. Now you get to vote on what character you are most like – you have to vote…do not leave this site before choosing…just do it!

The dreaded “U” word

Here is a quote I received from a friend yesterday “And people who are employed and have been for years…have no idea or empathy what it’s like to be unemployed”.

It really is true, being unemployed for such a long period of time is much harder than I ever thought it would be. Then to hear Obama on Letterman last night saying we have another year of this is just devastating. (note: I thought Obama was great on the show)

This post is for all my unemployed readers who, like me, are still looking for work. I totally empathize with you and I wish you all the luck in the world. But in all honesty I think the whole world needs more empathy in general. Until you do walk a mile in someone else’s shoes you have no idea what their going through. I don’t like using the word “sucks” but being unemployed and trying to look for a job really does suck.

P.S – Does anyone have a job for me?

Speak Up

Have I ever mentioned this pet peeve of mine…I have so many I forget sometimes. Well…here’s a story, of an opinionated lady, who was bringing up what bothers her to the world- (you all better be humming the Brady Bunch song).

I had a facial yesterday but first asked to use the restroom…Ok, here comes my pet peeve. As I entered the ladies room I looked around for the purse hook and there was NONE!! Why…why!!! Does not everyone know that you don’t put your purse on the floor…ewwwww. The bathroom floor is no place for anything but the bottom of your shoes. Things splatter. So there I was having to multi task…go to the bathroom and hold my purse at the same time.

I then saw a woman and asked if she was the manager…she said “yes”. I told her I had a suggestion for her that was a pet peeve to me and proceeded to tell her about the purse hook. She could not believe it because this is also a big pet peeve of hers and was so surprised that her own business did not have a purse hook. But since it was her own business she never had to bring her purse into the ladies room. She was so appreciative to me and thanked me numerous times that I pointed that out to her. She found a hook in her back room to hang and was so excited to come and show me. Another woman then asked me “what else are we missing”. My new business – Critique’s Eye

Moral of this story – don’t be afraid to speak up. You may actually get a sincere “thank you”.