Let me be “brief”

As I reported yesterday, the recession is affecting America in so many ways. This one may be the topper of them all. Forget that millions of people are unemployed…because of this recession men are now buying less underwear. Yes, believe it. During hard financial times men will wait longer before buying new underwear. Marshal Cohen, senior analyst with consumer research firm NPD Group states “it’s like trying to drive your car an extra 10,000 miles”.

Mintel (a research firm) states that men on an average buy 3.4 pairs of underwear a year…how can this be??? That is just gross because you know men don’t do laundry that often. I’m hoping the sales of laundry detergent is up! Recently men buying a single pair increased from 5 to 8 percent while men buying packs of four or more fell slightly. This probably means men are only trying to buy when necessary.

I have 2 comments…why did these firms even spend time researching men’s underwear. Did they have a slow week or was the head of ideas out on vacation? My second comment…obviously women have more hygiene when it comes to underwear. 3.4 pairs…I can’t even imagine. Show me one woman who bought only 3.4 pairs of underwear last year and I’ll show you…I guess a man?


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  1. A:Mintel??I doubt the study.It does seem low.Probably about 5 pair.

    B: Yet …and I don’t want to get too graphic here…As I thought about it I realize that the main reason I buy underwear is because my old underwear starts to wear out at the waistband.
    If the waistband remains intact it is difficult to tell the old from the brand new.Now…women’s underwear…well for God’s sake I would hope you’d replace it more often.1)You wear it tight therefore it wears quicker….and 2) You ‘re packing a freakin’ terrarium.
    Our goods are all external.We spend 5x the amount of time soaping and cleaning them than any other part of our body..then we gently cradle them in cotton.

    I done laundry for many women in my time ….I’d lay odds on the dude’s duds being less bacterial.

    c) Tsk- tsk on all the sweeping generalized statements about groups of people…where’s the tolerance?

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