The day after

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - David Beckham, Lady Gaga performs. (Season 7 Episode 1)  

I love the day after Labor Day-

  1. I still continue to wear white; I love being a rebel.
  2. All kids are back to school; even if there not your kids, it’s still great.
  3. Here in San Diego the tourists have gone home; this means I can now fit my towel spaciously on the beach.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres starts her new season and the others will start soon; re-runs get old quick.
  5. The weather gets a tad cooler; 105 degree weather makes many people cranky (not me though).

I don’t like the day after Labor Day-

  1. Football…Football…and yes, more Football.
  2. Only 104 shopping days left until Christmas.
  3. It’s only that much closer to me getting one year older.
  4. Darkness takes to the skies almost after lunch.
  5. I’m still unemployed.

What about you?


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