How rude!

Kanye West grabs the mic from Taylor Swift

If there is one thing that annoys the DD probably more than anything else is rude people and last night I was reminded how rude some people can be. Kanye West has absolutely no excuse for what he did on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards…my definition for him last night is “despicable”.  I hope in some way he pays for what he did…hopefully America will boycott his music and not reward his rude actions by buying his CD’s until he somehow redeems himself. If I could speak to him today this is what I would say-

Hey Kanye…your shit stinks just like everyone else’s. Who the hell do you think you are taking away a memorable moment from Taylor Swift? You had no right to horn in on her time. Thank God Beyonce had class and invited Taylor up later on to finish her acceptance speech. I hope Beyonce and all your “peers” gave you hell after for your actions. You give a bad name to…yourself! Grow up and go visit the Wizard for a heart.

What do you want to say to Kanye (hey, he may read the DD).


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